Fine Food

All the senses are fulfilled during R4tC, including the taste! The Comelon, Somos Peru and grilled stalls are reason enough to come to R4tC if you only need one: burritos, ceviche, causa rellena, ...

Eat & drink... and chill

 At Ride,we love to spend time the feet in the sand… to chill with us, nothing is better than tasty food!

At the Comelon and Somos Peru stands, take some burritos, ceviche, or causa rellena
BBQ, pizzas, waffles and icecreams are other reasons to come to R4tC. And of course the famous Tube’s bar will open the whole day and evening to satisfy all kind of thirsts!

So, just two words to say: come, and yummmmi!

Since 2009

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