From the beginning, Ride for the Cause has always given music a prominent place, whether through the presence of DJs or the organization of small concerts. Under the name “Music on the Beach”, the musical and cultural component of the event has developed over the years and has therefore become an essential ingredient.

After its last charity event in 2018, R4tC is changing its mission in 2019. The association has chosen to focus its activities around musical cultural events in order to continue defending the causes that are dear to it: make way for the #ShakaSESSIONS!

But what is it? Basically, music, the Shaka statue, good vibes, a moment of exchange and sharing around values that are dear to us… that’s for the main lines!

The #ShakaSESSIONS are still in the project development stage, on which we are currently working. More info to come… stay tuned!