The Ride Story

2018, 10th...and last Ride for the Cause

Ride for the Cause, it’s the event that makes you vibrate during the summer and plunges you into a Californian atmosphere on Pierrier beach in Clarens/Montreux for 9 years now. An incredible success, an event of quality, awaited and appreciated by all in a welcoming environment. For this year’s anniversary edition, the committee decided, once again, to give all his energy to make the party unforgettable… and it’s gonna rock !

Ride for the Cause is also a passion without limits, an infinite commitment and hard work. These ingredients have made us live moments of eternity, thanks to you. However, after almost 2 years of reflection, the entirely volunteer committee chose not to to renew a 11th edition in this form in 2019. The scale of Ride for the Cause is so great that in order to ensure its sustainability and quality, the organisation should have a professional structure. So we chose to stop, because volunteerism and the values it conveys are part of the DNA of Ride. Another development path is not an option for us.

Various actors outside the committee have expressed the wish to make this late summer meeting last, combining warm welcome, family activities, culinary discoveries and concerts. Ride for the Cause will keep you informed when the time comes. Discussions will take place at the end of the summer, and especially at the end of this 10th edition which already promises to be anthological!

From August 30th to September 2nd, this is the last Ride for the Cause that you will live as you have enjoyed and loved it. The whole Ride for the Cause team will help you
promises exceptional moments for this 10 th edition. And don’t forget to buy/sponsor a or several km, which allows you to support causes dear to Ride while participating in the draw to the fate of our incredible lottery!

To all of you who have supported us and brought us to the Hall of Fame of Community and Responsible Events, we say THANK YOU!
We look forward to seeing you at the Pierrier and counting on your support for our Causes!

For the committee, Sylvain Gaeng, founder & president

Montreux, 15 August 2018

The Ride Story


On June 21st 2009, Sylvain Gaeng, initiator of WAVES for Development and Swiss surfer who has ridden waves in the whole world, sets up the first «International Surfing Day» in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

The first 3 editions (2009 to 2011) of this civic volunteer initiative were organised without any budget. The roots? Sylvain’s spirit and surfing values: respect, fun, sharing and responsibility.

From 2010, Sylvain invited Summit FOUNDATION to join the adventure. R4tC gets then an environmental consistency: education and environment are the heart of the event.

...TO R4tC

From the very beginning, the concept is very simple: every ridden km raises some cash for WAVES, and for Summit from 2013. This grant is paid either by the rider himself or by a sponsor backing and encouraging him to ride as many km as possible.

2011 we decided to rename the event in order to focus on the charity race and WAVES’ mission: Ride for the Cause (R4tC) was born.

In 2012 and 2013, the targets became more ambitious and the event got larger. It had to move to a new spot, the Pierrier Beach in Clarens-Montreux, but the concept and the spirit remained the same.

Sincere and authentic, R4tC welcomed more and more participants, families, surfers and visitors. All gathered on the beach to prolong the summer season and support good causes of WAVES and Summit.


As the event become bigger and bigger, the organizers founded an independant association in 2014. The goal is to raise funds for local and international charitable actions.

These grants benefits 3 kinds of actions:

  • Education
  • Environmental impact of human activities awareness
  • Use of sport as vector of development.


Throughout the years, R4tC raised:

  • 434.20 CHF in 2009
  • 848.10 CHF in 2010
  • 5’145.75 CHF in 2011
  • 11’937.05 CHF in 2012
  • 20’860.- CHF in 2013
  • 30’000.- CHF in 2014
  • 36’000 CHF en 2015
  • 45’000 CHF en 2016
  • 37’500 CHF en 2017

Since 2009

km traveled
Helped childs
Hours of charity
CHF harvested