Our values

In the continuity of the actions undertaken over the past 10 years, Ride has defined 7 human values that guide both our know-how and our relationships with others and with the nature around us.

These are the values that drive us today to continue our actions for the causes, whether through special events such as the #ShakaSESSION or through the sharing of various recommendations on our social platforms (curation of initiatives for the environment or education, highlighting interesting movements, etc.).

Our 7 core values

A constant search to preserve and improve the well-being of those around us, through honest and loyal words or deeds. Related values: responsibility, friendship. This value is one of the stars of Ride, which contributed in part to the success of the 10 editions!

The independence of thought and action, the ability to choose, create, explore in complete freedom in order to satisfy one’s curiosity. Vast program but so necessary!

Understanding, the ability to identify with others and their feelings, listening and attention are essential elements for living in harmony. By succeeding in decentralizing from one’s own little world, a whole aspect of community life is opened up…

Also a broad programme for this value, which is embodied in understanding, self-esteem and others (harmony), tolerance and protection of the well-being of all and nature… It is this value, among others, that allows us to protect notions such as openness of mind, equality and social justice, peace in the world and the protection of the environment.

That’s one of the other Ride stars! The simplicity of being, the coherence between words and actions, the attachment to small everyday pleasures… all this helps to preserve the quality of human relationships, while maintaining a privileged link with nature.

The world is made up of multiple colours and flavours, and it is an incredible richness for those who are sensitive to it… Welcoming differences and tolerance towards others, whatever they may be, humility and the ability to be self-critical are essential for this. Bonus guaranteed: a constant concern for the preservation of your living environment!

Last but not least… without courage, no one would do much with his life. Every little gesture counts: everyone is free to accomplish their great feat, to consider what they can do to preserve their environment, their relationships, their place of life, their planet… and despite the headwinds, stay the course!