Handi Paddle

Paddle for everyone

For its 10th edition, R4tC offers the opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in the event. Access to Pierrier beach and to the lake will be provided for people with reduced mobility:

  • Safe boarding and launching base
  • Different paddles adapted or not
  • A Handisport tent as a meeting point
  • Specific toilets.

An adapted supervision will also be available on land and for the launching, with all the required safety. However, it is advisable to come accompanied, as we will not be able to surround each person individually for the paddle tour. Thank you for your understanding!

However, La Chaise Rouge provides a few volunteers to accompany a person with a disability who would need help to participate in R4tC. In this case, please contact them now on 021 340 00 99.

Disabled or not, R4tC is a wonderful opportunity to initiate you to paddle!

Double world champion in water skiing and teammate in sailing at the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games, Anne Othenin-Girard has actively participated in R4tC since 2013. Godmother and initiator of Handisport.ch, she organises the “Anne-Handisport” team.

To buy your kilometres via the Anne-Handisport team, it’s this way!


Anne Othenin-Girard
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