R4tC, how to participate?

Alone, in a team or in a VIP team, you have the choice to contribute and support the causes of Ride!



Get on your board to support the causes of R4tC!

By registering as a Solo Rider, a paddle board will be at your disposal to reach your distance and financial goal.

It is very simple: every kilometer has a value of 20 CHF. You just have to enter the number of km you want to paddle, pay the amount indicated and it’s done… you’re registered! And for each supported km, you will receive a ticket for the SUPER Loterie with number of incredible gifts.

Registrations will close at midnight on Wednesday 29th August. If you realize that you have underestimated your abilities and wish to add kms, or if you simply missed the online registration deadline, no problem! It’s still possible to register the day of the event by going directly to the welcome desk.




Do you want to experience something new? Create a team with your friends and come paddle together!

All you need to do is to create a project (team name and financial goal) that will be posted on the website, visible to others for sponsoring. So once your project has been created don’t forget to tell family and friends to gather as much sponsors as possible. They will finance the
kms of your team according to your goal! Each kilometer sponsored is equivalent to
20 CHF and give access to a ticket for the SUPER Loterie, with number of incredible gifts.

A team consists of 2 to 4 riders (or
more, if you want, but 4 offered surfer-kits maximum per team are guaranteed). The rider who registered his team online will be the captain! The sooner you register your team, the more time you will have to recruit sponsors! So what are you waiting for?

Registrations will close at midnight on Wednesday 29th August.



Do you want to create a team with your friends, colleagues, uncles, aunts or new people?
And to have a sun lounger reserved just for you, a complete volunteer surfer kit and some
other advantages?

Gather at least 4 people and register your team. The package costs 150 CHF per person and is composed of:

  • A personal welcome
  • A complete volunteer surfer kit (an exclusive t-shirt, the R4tC ecobox, the R4tC paragliding canvas bag, the cup of the edition, the R4tC flower crown, a R4tC neck strap and a waterproof bag)
  • 1 meal and 2 drinks or cocktails
  • 1 free km Stand-up Paddle and the material at your disposal (board, oar, vest)
  • Access to our lounge-zone on the beach for 3h
  • 1 SUPER Loterie ticket

You’re not a fan of the Stand-Up Paddle but you wish to support the cause of R4tC? Nothing is simpler! Select the link and participate to the SUPER-lottery, that contain more than 40’000.- of prices! You will participate to the draw to win a paddle board, a cruise, a paragliding flight and many other things!

On top of that, if you change your mind, you will be able to come along and paddle on the
weekend of the event. You just need to register at the welcome desk, pick up your ticket and ride your km on the lake!




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