Ride Society

For its 10th anniversary, R4tC invites enterprises to take part in the Ride Society. This is an unique concept of raising awareness to education and environment through surfing, nature and friendliness. A perfect occasion to organize a team building event!

The concept

By a team (or teams) of 4 people, staff of your enterprise will have the opportunity to paddle in 3 sessions: individually, on a 4 people board and on a 8 people board. Other activities are planned.

In order to find the best fit for you, one of the 3 session can be replaced by a team building activity (that you organize.

At the end of the afternoon, a conference of the unique explorer Chris Bertish will close the day.

Ride Society is for everyone, no matter if your staff already is paddle amateur. Instructors will be there to help with beginners.


(Subject to changes)

9h – Welcome, distribution of the enterprise’s pack

11h – 13h — Session 1 and 2 (individual and group paddle, other activities)

13h – 14h — Lunch

14h – 15h — Session 3 (individual and group paddle, other activities)

17h – Closing

18h – 19h Conference of Chris Bertish


Team Society 3'000.-

Distribution of costs
  • Participation costst for a team of 4 people
  • Stand up paddle
  • Lunch, 2 drinks per person
  • 4 official t-shirts « R-Society » with your logo
  • Free access to a relaxing area
  • Chris Bertish‘s conference free entrance

Plus and visibility

  • Your logo on this page
  • Your logo on the Wall of Fame Ride Society – enterprises who care about education and environment. Every Team Society will be photographed in front of the Wall.
  • 2 Facebook publications on R4tC page with a tag of your enterprise before the day
  • 2 Facebook lives during the day
  • Official images of the day, of your staff and of your presence at R-Society will be available. Free images (official Ride’s photographers)
  • Free official film of the day

Since 2009

km traveled
Helped childs
Hours of charity
CHF fundraised