Being part of the Ride for the Cause staff is a unique, fun and meaningful experience! Join us now for a week-end of pure joy, laughter, flips, feet in the sand... and many more!

Ride needs you...

…and needs your motivation (and your small/big arms) for different tasks:

  • Set up from 27 to 31 of August
  • During Ride from 30 of August to 2 of September : activities, bars and food booths, etc.
  • Dismantling from 3 to 6 of September

You can take part for a few hours, one day and af course several days. Let us know your availabilities and we will do our best to respect your wishes!

To ensure the party will be great, we will do our best to post everybody according to their abilities and wishes. Priority will be given to people knowing the event and as usual: first come, first serve!

Do you want to get in? Contact us!

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