Shaka Statue

A symbol for the 10th edition!

To celebrate the 10 edition of “Ride for the Cause”, the association wants to pay tribute to the great community involvement that has made us so strong and successful.

R4tC wants to leave a durable trace with a strong symbol : the Shaka Statue!

The Shaka Statue, what’s that?

statue shaka - ride 4 the cause

Our artist Greg Williams designed a metallic structure, on which lots of pieces of driftwood from Leman Lake are placed. Since the end of June 2018, the statue, 2m50 high and 1m70 wide, sits on the Pierrier (Clarens) beach.

As protection of the environment is part of the DNA of Ride for the Cause, the use of driftwood was obvious! What’s more natural than usig a durable material, provided by the surrounding mountains? Furthermore, it fits perfectly into the landscape.

Shaka – Hangloose

The shaka, or hang loose, is a typical sign of unity within the surfing culture, used as a greeting, meaning both “hello” and “goodbye” by surfers all over the world. Comparable to the hawaiian and polynesian aloha, meanings peace, love, compassion (and other related feelings), the Shaka symbolises a state of mind characteristic of openness and friendship within a community.

The actions of Ride for the Cause thrive on the spirit and values of Shaka and Aloha : care and respect for others, warm welcome and benevolence, all in a constant search for harmony within beautiful, powerful yet fragile nature. Since 2009, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of visitors gathered around these values. They helped Ride for the Cause raise money for two NGOs active in the fields of education and environment. Ride for the Cause is a community of passionnate people that has grown over time.

The event with strong altruistic resonance has proved over time that everyone can contribute even in a small way. The future of the planet and of humanity depends on this type of commitment.

And what better than a giant statue of a shaka ?

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