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Rider: stands for a person riding kilometers by SUP. In general, when a participant registers as a rider, he/she pays the km he/she will ride on the event day him/herself. He/she can as well get them backed by others.

SUP: short for Stand Up Paddle, a fun sport on water, mainly practiced standing on a board. The SUP board is larger and longer than a traditionnal surfboard and the rider uses a paddle to get forward.

Team: riders can get together and register as a team. As it is the case for every rider, a team can pay its own km and/or get them backed. On the event day, the team members ride the backed km. Still, the team mebers can get some support from other riders!

Backer: anyone paying for one or several km ridden by a rider.

Yes! R4tC has a taylor made pack for companies, including the material, an initiation, a “volunteer surfer” kit per participant (t-shirt, towell, Ecobox, keychain, …), as well as a meal and 2 drinks per person. Read more.

Families are welcome! Many activities are organised for kids: make-up, climbing-wall, kids corner, bouncy castles, … Read more in the kids corner section.